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What is the Iowa Food Blog?

The Iowa Food Blog was designed to connect Iowans that eat food with Iowans that are growing, raising, cooking, serving, or otherwise selling food.

Our goal is two fold:

  1. to make it easy for you to find great local options, and
  2. for those in our local food system to get the coverage they deserve

We are a connector of sorts, connecting these two groups with one another.

How We Got Here

Matt and Lissah

Matt and Lissah

It's been a long journey, but here we are...

The Iowa Food Blog was a concept we'd had for some time. The original concept was a site to highlight the many wonderful restaurants throughout our state. So finally in 2013 my wife and I started the Iowa Food Blog and began sharing our experiences dining at a number of different local restaurants. As we discovered over the coming months, there is so much more to Iowa Food than meets the eye.

We're all familiar with row crops and our state's significant importance on the world food supply. But, it's the more subtle side of what is happening in our state, that we personally find so interesting. The stories of small, local farmers who are lovingly raising crops and livestock, the co-ops and grocers that are making it possible to get our hands on these locally produced and raised foods, and the chefs and restauranteurs at the many wonderful local restaurants peppered throughout our state.

We encourage you to check out our Blog and read stories about the incredible people in our local food system. You will also find places to visit and products that are for sale. We would love to hear from you and learn what you want us to feature. Let us know here.

- Matt & Lissah Beglinger

What We Do

  • Make it Easy to Find Local Options

    We've organized the Iowa Food Blog so that it's easy to find what you're looking for. Whether you're looking for a place to eat tonight, a grocer carrying local farm fresh products, or something to do this weekend, we suggest that you start by Discovering. We're always adding to the Iowa Food Blog, so if you don't see what you're looking for let us know and we'd love to help out.
  • Promote Local

    We want to see local options thrive in our state. Iowa is well positioned with it's rich agricultural history to lead the way, but it will require support from Iowans like yourself to purchase these products and dine in these local restaurants. We all have the ability to support local options when shopping and dining. Just shifting some of your dollars to these local farms, grocers, and restaurants will help.
  • Make it Easy to Stay Informed

    We offer several ways to stay informed of local options: Reading our Blog, Subscribing to our RSS Feed, Subscribing to our Weekly E-mail Newsletter, or Following Us on Twitter or Facebook.

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